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Employer’s responsibilities and obligations

As an employer, you have certain statutory obligations towards your employees and various authorities.

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Businesses' experience with the Internal Market for services

The following questionnaire aims at providing the European Commission with experience-based evidence of "the remaining obstacles to a fully functioning Single Market for services, including in so far as possible non-regulatory restrictions, and the effectiveness and consistency of the existing legal framework applying to a sample of services activities"

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Required tasks

There are only a few mandatory steps to starting a business.

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Checklist for start-up entrepreneurs

Finpron asiantuntijat vastaavat suomalaisyritysten Venäjän liiketoimintaan, kauppapakotteisiin ja vientiin liittyviin kysymyksiin.

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Information on activities and professions that require a separate licence, notification or registration.

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Changes in employment

Termination of employment, layoffs, giving notice and working-hour arrangements are examples of changes in employment.

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