An e-invoice is an invoice format sent via the Internet. At present, almost all large companies send and receive e-invoices. The paperless format and automated invoice processing are the key benefits of electronic invoicing.

EnterpriseFinland is one of several parties participating in a joint project for the promotion of electronic invoicing. The material we produce for this purpose is available on the EnterpriseFinland campaign website ’The Future is Paperless’ (www.päästäirtipaperista.fi). This website contains the basics of introducing electronic invoicing, a glossary on the topic and the parties to contact for advice.

Contact experts (in Finnish)

Accounting agencies
(The Association of Finnish Accounting Firms)

(Federation of Finnish Financial Services)

TIEKE eInvoice Forum
(Finnish Information Society Development Centre (TIEKE) 

Software suppliers and operators  
(Finnish Information SocietyDevelopment Centre (TIEKE)