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Thank you for visiting our website. Enterprise Finland Telephone Service offers you information about the public enterprise services in Finland and guidance on starting up your own business. Please send us your message by filling in the electronic service request form. All your information will be treated strictly confidential. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Business advisors also answer general questions related to running a business and to public business services on Enterprise Finland’s Facebook page. The advisors are present on weekdays during business hours. You can write your questions directly on our Facebook wall. 

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We value your feedback and want to serve you as well as possible. Assist us with this aim by filling in our quick and easy feedback questionnaire.

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Questions you can ask us

  • When making plans for establishing a business, what should I know about company types, taxation, insurance, social security for entrepreneurs, establishment documents, authorities/registers to notify, permits for business operations, business names, and so on?
  • Where can I get help with evaluating a business idea or preparing a business plan?
  • I am hiring an employee. What should I take into account? How do I list a vacancy? What are the employer’s obligations? Where can I find support for hiring and training an employee?
  • Where can I get help with developing my business operations?
  • Where can I obtain funding for my business operations: investments, development, and salary costs?
  • What are the criteria for the start-up grant and how can I apply for one?
  • What is My Enterprise Finland and how does it work?


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