Working hour arrangements and flexibility

In a good workplace, work is organised so that the objectives are shared and everyone knows his or her role in achieving the objectives.The work organisation works well when the tasks are resourced reasonably, working hours are flexible and employees have the opportunity to work remotely if required.

A workplace that promotes equality also takes steps in combining work and family life and supports the career development of employees with families. A good workplace is able to match the requirements of work and families’ needs. An increasing number of employees provide care for their ageing family members. The best option is if the employee can choose the best-suited solution for his or her life.

Good management promotes the balance between work and family. A family-oriented working culture promotes well-being and productivity, and is also an increasingly visible reputation factor and competitive edge for the company.

Flexible solutions

There are various phases where the arrangement of working hours is suitable for the situation during everyone’s career. Work-related flexibility includes:

  • flexible working hours

  • part-time work

  • working time bank

  • remote work

  • study leave

  • family leave

  • alternation leave

Flexibility is successful when the atmosphere at the workplace is good and interaction between employees works. The line between work and leisure must, however, be clear to ensure the well-being of employees.

Collective labour agreements regulate flexible solutions that can be made locally. Flexitime, working hour flexibility, remote work arrangements, part-time work, study leave and alternation leave, among other solutions, can be utilised in the workplace.

Flexible solutions are also beneficial to the company. The company’s operations can be adjusted according to fluctuation in demand with flexible solutions, such as by hiring seasonal employees. At best, various working time policies can be used to increase both productivity and well-being among the personnel.

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